In other chapters are found discussions of some events connected
with some of the commencements; have a more general survey is
The dates fixed in the catalogues for commencement were as
follows: in 1866, second Thursday in July (no commencement); in
1867 (no commencement); and 1868, second Thursday in June; 1869-
70 through 1872-73, fourth Thursday in June; 1873-74 to 1894-95 and
the commencement of 1896, second Thursday in June, although the
commencement of 1893 was held out of time on the first Thursday in
June (June 1); 1895-96 to 1899-1900, embracing the commencement
of 1901, the last Thursday in May; 1900-01 to 1903-04 and
embracing the commencement of 1905, the last Wednesday in May;
beginning with the commencement of 1906 and ending with that of
1929 the commencements were on Friday, on the third or fourth
Friday in May, being as early as May 17 in 1912, and regularly with
exceptions noted, on the fourth Friday after 1919 until and including
the commencement of 1923. The commencement of 1916 was ex-
ceptional-on Tuesday, May 16. The commencement of 1919 was
exceptional and fell on June 13, owing to the derangement of the
calendar caused by the war of 1914-18. In 1924, the commencement
was on June 6; in 1925, on June 5; in 1926, on June 4; in 1927, on
June 3; in 1928, on June 1; in 1929, on May 31. Beginning with 1930
and ending with 1934 commencement was on the first Thursday in
June, except for 1934 when it was on the last Thursday in May.
Beginning with 1935 and ending with 1938 commencement was on
Tuesday; in 1935, on May 28; in 1936, on June 2; in 1937, on June 1;
in 1938, on May 31. Beginning with 1939 the commencements have
been on Monday evening; in 1939, on May 29; in 1940, on May 27;
in 1941, on June 2; in 1942, on May 25; in 1943, on May 24.
Beginning with 1928
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