Commencements 253
there has been at the close of the summer school in August a sup-
plementary commencement for conferring degrees at which the only
other exercises have been a prayer and a short address.
In the years 1868-77 and 1905-1938 three days were devoted to the
exercises of commencement; for the years 1878-1904, four days;
since 1938, two days. Regularly until 1930 the days were
commencement days proper and the week days immediately pre-
ceding, but an exception was made to this in the years 1905, 1908,
1916, 1921, when the sermon was on Sunday, and one or more
holidays intervened before the other exercises.
The four main events of commencement which have persisted until
the present are (1) the graduating exercises on the final day, (2) the
literary address, (3) the alumni address, (4) the sermon. So long as the
commencement occupied more than two days, the literary address
was on the day preceding the commencement at 11:00 a.m.;
beginning with 1939 it has been a part of the final exercises. Until the
year 1903 the sermon was regularly on the Wednesday evening
preceding the final day and the alumni address on the preceding
Tuesday evening. This order, however, was reversed in the years
1875-79 inclusive and in 1884. The sermon was also on Wednesday
evening in all the years 1906-29 inclusive, except in the year 1921
when it was on Thursday evening, and in the years 1908, and 1916,
when it was on Sunday morning at 11:00 o'clock. In 1934, the
centennial year, the sermon was on Tuesday evening; for the other
years 193038, the sermon was on Sunday morning at 11:00 o'clock;
beginning with 1939 the sermon has been on Sunday evening.
The alumni address was on Tuesday evening in the years 1868-
1905, except for the years 1875-79 inclusive, and the year 1884, and
for the year 1874 when there seems to have been no alumni address,
and the year 1903 when the regular address was displaced by a
banquet with J. W. Bailey as arbiter. For the years 1906-29 inclusive
when the commencement was on Friday the alumni address was on
the preceding Thursday evening; in the exceptional years 1915 and
1921 it was on Monday evening and Wednesday evening
respectively. For the years 1930-34
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