254 History of Wake Forest College
inclusive, when the commencement was on Thursday, the alumni
address was on the preceding Wednesday evening; for the years 1935-
38 inclusive, when the commencement was on Tuesday, the alumni
address, usually in connection with a banquet, was on the Monday
evening preceding. Beginning with 1939, when the commencement
has been on Monday evening, the alumni address and banquet have
been at 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon.
For the years 1878-1888 inclusive there was a declamation contest
by others than members of the graduating class on the Monday night
preceding the Thursday of commencement; from 1889-1896 inclusive
this Monday night was given up to the exercises of Class Day; in the
years 1897-1903 inclusive this Monday night was the time for an
address before the School of Law, and in 1904 for an address before
the School of Medicine; after this the fourth day of the
commencement period was
As was said above there were no commencements in the years 1866
and 1867. In the former year the Trustees held their annual meeting
not at the College but in Raleigh, on May 24-26. The Board met
again, at Wake Forest, on October 11, 1866, at which time, seemingly
without the advice though doubtless with the consent of the faculty,
the Board conferred the degree of Master of Arts on F. H. Ivey, R. R.
Savage, and W. B. Royall, graduates of the College in former years.
The same degree was conferred in like manner on J. B. Solomon, who
had been a student of the College in the years 1845-48 but did not
graduate, and on T. B. Kingsbury, who had never been a student of
the College. The session of the Board at which this was done was held
"at sea, on board the steamer Alex Oldham," May 26, 1867, the last
session of the annual meeting which assembled at Wilmington on
May 23, 1867. Later in the same year, on October 18, 1867, at a
meeting of the Board held at the time of the meeting of the Baptist
State Convention, the Board following the recommenda-
The winners of the medal in the declamation contests by years were: 1878, J. F.
McMillan; 1879, M. V. MeDuffie; 1880, E. M. Poteat; 1881, W. W. Kitchin; 1882,
T. Dixon; 1883, Frank Dixon; 1884, J. F. Schenck; 1885, W. P. Stradley; 1886, D.
A. Davis; 1887, W. J. Sholar; 1888, J. H. Grant.
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