Commencements 259
methods for promoting the welfare and progress of the College along
all lines and their annual meetings are largely attended. Of the Wake
Forest Alumnus, mentioned above, only a few numbers were
published, owing to the derangement caused by the war then in
progress. The Wake Forest Alumni News began publication in
September, 1928. It is a quarterly in magazine form and is intended to
furnish information about the College in all its departments and
interests and also about the alumni and former students to all of whom
whose addresses are known it is regularly sent. Its editor is Professor
J. L. Memory. The expenses of its publication are provided for in the
college budget. In 1942, a new alumni organization was formed, the
chief feature of which is annual dues to be paid and turned into the
treasury of the College.
Beginning with the summer of 1919 the College has employed an
alumni secretary. The first of these was J. B. Turner, B.A., 1907, who
while a student had been a member of the baseball team; he was
succeeded for a month in the summer of 1920 by F. K. Pool, B.A.,
1913, and acting professor of the Bible for 1918-20; immediately
succeeding Mr. Pool was Trela D. Collins, B.A., 1910; Mr. Collins
was succeeded on July 6, 1922 by J. A. McMillan, B.A., 1902, who
continued in the office until 1930. From 1931 to 1942 Al Dowtin,
LL.B., 1931, was alumni secretary. In March, 1943, Rev. H. W.
Baucom, B.A., 1908 took up the work.
The Alumni Association now holds two meetings annually; one in
November at the place and time of the meeting of the Baptist State
Convention, and the other at commencement. In the short time
available for these meetings a rather rigid program is carried through
and reports of committees adopted, and a good dinner eaten; seldom
have any measures been suggested and adopted for the advancement
of the College except possibly in athletics.
Returning now to the alumni address, which from 1868 to 1938
inclusive was one of the chief public features of commencements and
which since has been delivered at the meeting and dinner of the
alumni, we find that interest in it while moderate has been unabated
through the years. One of its chief benefits
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