262 History of Wake Forest College
ment programs have lost much of their former interest. In a footnote
below is given a full list of the alumni orators from 1860 to the
The sermon before the graduating class has long been one of the
most important features of the Wake Forest commencements. From
1868 to 1897 inclusive the preacher was chosen and his expenses
provided for by the graduating class, but beginning with 1898 the
faculty assumed these responsibilities. It is a long and worthy line of
able ministers, as may be seen from the list in the footnote below,
who have preached these baccalaureate sermons. In the first ten years
all were Southerners. Two in this period were former students of the
College, T. H. Pritchard in 1868 and 1874, and T. E. Skinner in 1875,
both trusted Baptist leaders in the State. The former was one of the
ablest and most eloquent preachers who ever lived in the State, and it
is worthy of note that both in 1868 and 1874 he was called in an
emergency since the minister chosen failed to reach Wake Forest in
time. Among the others of this period were such able leaders and
thinkers as J. B. Jeter, editor of the Religious Herald, 1869; W. E.
Hatcher, who was just
1860. W. T. Brooks; 1861. A. McDowell; 1868. A. McDowell; 1869. B. W. Justice;
1870. John Mitchell; 1871. J. H. Foote; 1872. L. H. Shuck; 1873. H. B. Folk; 1874.
none; 1875. J. L. Carroll; 1876. T. H. Pritchard; 1877. J. D. Hufham; 1878. G. W.
Blount; 1879. R. R. Savage; 1880. T. D. Boone; 1881. T. E. Skinner; 1882. C. S.
Wooten; 1883. A. C. Dixon; 1884. Lansing Burrows; 1885. G. W. Sanderlin; 1886.
H. R. Scott; 1887. J. H. Mills; 1888. J. B. Powers; 1889. C. M. Cooke; 1890. J. J.
Davis; 1891. H. A. Brown; 1892. J. B. Carlyle; 1893. W. E. Daniel; 1894. E. B.
Jones; 1895. W. L. Poteat; 1896. W. L. Wright; 1897. L. G. Broughton; 1898. E. E.
Hilliard; 1899. W. W. Kitchin; 1900. J. W. Millard; 1901. R. T. Vann; 1902. J. T.
Alderman; 1903. J. W. Bailey; 1904. F. P. Hobgood, Jr.; 1905. I. M. Meekins; 1906.
R. B. White; 1907. J. C. Scarborough; 1908. J. O. Atkinson; 1909. Oscar Haywood;
1910. J. A. Oates; 1911. E. Y. Webb; 1912. J. E. White; 1913. J. W. Lynch; 1914.
C. L. Greaves; 1915. T. W. Bickett; 1916. A. C. Cree; 1917. M. L. Kesler; 1918. R.
W. Weaver; 1919. A. T. Robertson; 1920. S. M. Brinson; 1921. E. W. Sikes; 1922.
W. F. Powell; 1923. John Kerr; 1924. C. B. Williams; 1925. F. F. Brown; 1926. L.
R. Varser; 1927. J. S. Martin; 1928. J. B. Weatherspoon; 1929. R. H. McNeill;
1930. T. A. Avera; 1931. Irving Carlyle; 1932. F. B. Helms; 1933. J. C. Smith;
1934. James Hoge; 1935. O. C. Foote; 1936. C. T. Murchison; 1937. W. M.
Johnson; 1938. Carroll Weathers; 1939. W. J. Bone; 1940. L. B. Martin; 1941. J. M.
Scarborough; 1942 and 1943, none.
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