264 History of Wake Forest College
the sermon and the literary address, and this plan brought to the
College for both these discourses George W. Truett, 1910; Harry
Emerson Fosdick, 1911; Newell Dwight Hillis, 1912; Hugh Black,
1913; Cornelius Woelfkin, 1915; and O. P. Gifford, 1916. There was
some evidence, however, that interest in the sermon had somewhat
waned since the opening of the century. More and more the faculty
had been content to secure men of local or regional reputation, and in
several of these years they thought they would serve best by having
the minister of the Wake Forest Baptist Church or the president of the
College preach the sermon. In 1914 this duty fell to President C. E.
Taylor, and in 1927 to President W. L. Poteat; in 1907 and 1908, the
sermon was preached by J. W. Lynch, the pastor and chaplain, who
had also preached the sermon in 1902 in the short interval between his
services as pastor of the Wake Forest church, when he was serving the
church at Roanoke, Virginia. The sermons preached by these great
men were good and well received, but the criticism was made that the
students had the privilege of hearing these men all the school year and
that other than local men should be the commencement preachers.
Among the preachers of this later period have been several alumni of
the College other than those already named-J. E. White in 1918, J.
Clyde Turner in 1928 and 1934 when he preached the Centennial
sermon, E. N. Johnson, 1931; J. B. Hipps, 1935; O. T. Binkley, 1938;
R. A. Herring, 1940; S. L. Blanton, 1941; and C. H. Durham, 1942. In
1943 the sermon was preached by J. Allen Easley, a former pastor of
the Wake Forest Baptist church and a professor in the College.11
11 PREACHERS, 1868-1943: 1868. T. H. Pritchard; 1869. J. B. Jeter; 1870. C. H.
Toy; 1871. Wm. Williams; 1872. A. B. Brown; 1873. W. E. Hatcher; 1874. T. H.
Pritchard; 1875. T. E. Skinner; 1876. C. C. Bitting; 1877. H. A. Tupper; 1878. P. S.
Henson; 1879. J. A. Broadus; 1880. Wayland Hoyt; 1881. E. T. Winkler; 1882. J. R.
Graves; 1883. G. C. Lorimer; 1884. C. A. Stakely; 1885. F. M. Ellis; 1886. Geo.
Dana Boardman; 1887. Thos. Armitage; 1888. W. T. Whitsitt; 1889. J. W. Carter;
1890. W. W. Landrum; 1891. J. A. Broadus; 1892. Carter H. Jones; 1893. A. C.
Dixon; 1894. E. M. Poteat; 1895. H. M. Wharton; 1896. B. L. Whitman; 1897. F. C.
McConnell; 1898. W. R. L. Smith; 1899. J. 0. Rust; 1900. J. B. Hawthorne; 1901.
A. A. Marshall; 1902. J. W. Lynch; 1903. E. C. Dargan; 1904. C. E. Taylor; 1905.
G. W. McDaniel; 1906. E. Y. Mullins; 1907. H. H. Hulten; 1908. J. W. Lynch;
1909. J.
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