268 History of Wake Forest College
1918; President E. W. Sikes of Clemson College in 1929 and again in
1934; 0. W. Henderson in 1937; J. M. Broughton in 1938; and Senator
J. W. Bailey in 1941.
It hardly needs to be said that at Wake Forest as at other institutions
of learning interest in commencement addresses and sermons has
waned in the past quarter of a century. Time was when a great speaker
or preacher would draw to Wake Forest the Governor of the State, the
justices of the Supreme Court and many other state officials, and also
many lawyers, ministers and educators from Raleigh and other towns
in reach. The reasons for the dwindling interest are obvious but since
the college community is so much larger the attendance has increased
We saw above that in 1889 the declamation contests which had
occupied the Monday evening of commencement gave way to the
Class Day. The exercises of this consisted usually of an address by the
class president, another address by the orator, a history, a prophecy, a
poem. There was nothing extraordinary about the addresses of the
president and the orator and the poems; seldom did these rise above
the commonplace. But it was not so
LITERARY ADDRESSES, 1868-1943: 1868. L. P. Olds; 1869. J. C. Hiden;
1870. John Kerr; 1871. J. L. M. Curry; 1872. Z. B. Vance; 1873. A. S. Merrimon;
1874. Seaton Gales; 1875. A. M. Waddell; 1876. W. M. Robbins (read); 1877. D. G.
Fowle; 1878. Henry McDonald; 1879. W. M. Ransom; 1880. D. R. Wallace; 1881.
J. B. Hawthorne; 1882. C. F. Deems; 1883. Henry McDonald; 1884. Jesse B.
Thomas; 1885. R. F. Armfield; 1886. W. E. Hatcher; 1887. M. W. Ransom; 1888.
Z. B. Vance; 1889. W. L. Wilson; 1890. Thos. Dixon, Jr.; 1891. H. W. Battle; 1892.
Six alumni: J. C. Scarborough, C. M. Cooke, J. D. Hufham, T. H. Pritchard, E. E.
Hilliard, G. W. Sanderlin; 1893. J. C. Hiden; 1894. F. C. McConnell; 1895. T. W..
Mason; 1896. B. H. Carroll; 1897. M. W. Ransom; 1898. E. B. Andrews; 1899. W.
P. Trent; 1900. A. W. Small; 1901. Thos. Dixon, Jr.; 1902. Shailer Matthews; 1903.
R. P. Johnston; 1901. C. S. Gardner; 1905. B. D. Gray; 1906. Bliss Perry; 1907. Ira
Remsen; 1908. Senator R. W. Taylor; 1909. J. C. Kilgo; 1910. G. W. Truett; 1911.
Harry Emerson Fosdick; 1912. Newell Dwight Hillis; 1913. Hugh Black; 1914.
Simeon E. Baldwin; 1915. Cornelius Woelfkin; 1916. O. P. Gifford; 1917. Henry C.
King; 1918. E. Y. Webb; 1919. J. H. Randall; 1920. A. C. Dixon; 1921. Josephus
Daniels; 1922. Geo. William Coleman; 1923. John Erskine; 1924. Charles E.
Jefferson; 1925. Joseph Fort Newton; 1926. Walter Lippmann; 1927. J. H. Finley;
1928. J. C. Metcalf; 1929. E. W. Sikes; 1930. Clarence A. Barbour; 1931. W. G.
Brogdon; 1932. W. E. Dodd; 1933. Douglas Freeman; 1934. E. W. Sikes; 1935.
Josephus Daniels; 1936. Geo. F. Zook; 1937. O. W. Henderson; 1938. J. M.
Broughton; 1939. S. C. Garrison; 1940. F. P. Graham; 1941. J. W. Bailey; 1942.
Julian Miller; 1943. E. B. Denny.
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