Entrance Requirements and Curriculum 19
institutions the student was expected to remove them under tutors.
At Wake Forest he might remove them by taking certain work in the
languages or mathematics as indicated in the college catalogue. The
general rule followed by all institutions was to require the removal of
all conditions before matriculation for the work of the sophomore
year. It should be stated also that as soon as the high schools generally
were able to give four years of work, the colleges ceased admitting
students with credit for fewer than 15 units. It should be observed also
that at the same time as admission to college was limited to
recommended high school graduates with at least fifteen units of
credit, the colleges began to make a distinction between admission to
college and admission to candidacy for a degree. Accordingly, while
any graduate of an accredited high school on the recommendation of
the principal might be admitted to college, to be admitted to the
candidacy for a degree he had to meet the requirements for admission
for that degree, such as began to be published in the college catalogue
of 1921-22. In these entrance requirements for a degree he might have
some deficiencies which he could remove after his admission to
In the earlier years after the unit system of entrance credits was
introduced at Wake Forest the administration of admissions was not
provided for by the appointment of an officer for the purpose, but the
checking of entrance certificates and admissions was left to the
chairman of the Committee on Entrance Requirements, G. W.
Paschal, while the keeping of records was cared for by the Bursar, E.
B. Earnshaw. After ten years, in June, 1916, the Board of Trustees
first took notice of this work, and named Dr. Paschal for the office
first called Examiner but changed to the more regular one of Registrar
in 1924. Dr. Paschal continued to serve in the place until June, 1926,
at which time Mr. Grady S. Patterson was appointed full-time
Registrar, and has conducted the office with much efficiency; the
work has grown until now several assistants are required.
The entrance requirements in the various subjects at first were:
English 3 units; foreign languages units; mathematics
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