Commencements 273
After the speeches of the graduating class those who had won the
various degrees came forward at the call of the president and received
their diplomas at his hands. Since the College has had a regular dean
and deans of the schools of law and medicine it is these deans who
present the candidate for degrees. The diplomas are in English and in
the briefest possible form: John Smith is declared Bachelor of Arts.
The names of those who received the degrees were inscribed in
manuscript until about the year 1920, since which time they have
been engrossed. Before 1907 all members of the faculty in order of
rank and priority of appointment were expected to sign each diploma,
but the great number of names with the increase in the size of the
faculty made it necessary to leave off that custom; for the past decade
only the names of the presidents and secretaries of the faculty and
Board of Trustees, engrossed facsimiles, are on the diplomas. In 1907
the ribbon which had been run into slits on the diplomas was also left
After receiving their diplomas the graduates are seated and hear
the final words of the president, usually called the baccalaureate
address, which rarely exceeds ten minutes in its delivery, often less. It
is usually a word of encouragement and farewell. Beginning with
Wingate nearly all baccalaureate addresses have been published in the
Biblical Recorder, and not a few of them in the Wake Forest Student.
In the presidency of Dr. W. L. Poteat all his baccalaureate addresses
were published
1872. C. H. Martin, J. S. Mitchell; 1873. R. T. Vann, W. O. McDowell; 1871. A. C.
Dixon, T. R. Underwood; 1875. John E. Ray, H. R. Scott; 1876. J. B. Bowers, J. T.
Bland; 1877. E. E. Folk, W. L. Poteat; 1878. W. E. Daniel, J. G. Bunch; 1879. N. Y.
Gulley, E. F. Aydlett; 1880. J. N. Holding, H. Montague; 1881. R. A. P. Cooley, D.
B. Reinhart; 1882. H. G. Holding, C. A. Smith; 1883. H. B. Folk, Thomas Dixon;
1884. W. H. Kornegay, J. C. C. Dunford; 1885. A. T. Robertson, W. W. Holding;
1886. J. L. White, C. E. Brewer; 1887. W. P. Stradley, J. B. Carlyle; 1888. G. C.
Thompson, J. W. Lynch; 1889. H. A. Foushee, R. E. L. Yates; 1890. L. S. Cannon,
J. R. Hankins; 1891. C. B. Williams, J. L. Kesler; 1892. W. W. Vass, G. W.
Paschal; 1893. F. P. Hobgood, Jr., C. P. Sapp; 1894. R. W. Haywood, W. L.
Foushee; 1895. F. E. Parham, S. R. Buxton; 1896. M. O. Dry, W. P. Exum; 1897. G.
R. King, R. N. Simms; 1898. J. C. McNeill, T. H. Lacy; 1899. J. C. Turner, C. N.
Bailey; 1900. Harry Trantham, A. R. Dunning; 1901. G. B. Rooke, J. Q. Adams, Jr.
Minutes of the Faculty for February 25,
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