Commencements 275
below 95 but as much as 90, the distinction to be written on the
diploma and announced at commencement-18
Beginning with the commencement of 1909 the speeches by the six
selected members of the graduating class, three from each Literary
Society, have been in competition for a medal, the A. D. Ward Medal.
In 1924, the number of speakers was reduced to four. This medal was
provided by Mr. A. D. Ward, a graduate of the University of North
Carolina, who had become a member of the Board of Trustees in 1904
and continued as such until his death April 16, 1940, and was
president of the Board for the years 1907-10. He was a wise and
valuable trustee serving the College with great loyalty and devotion.
The medal he established has been earnestly contended for and
winning it is regarded as one of the chief Wake Forest distinctions.
The list of winners is found in the
As an indication of the character of speeches of the graduating
students in those days when they were receiving the training of the
Literary Societies unimpaired as yet by the introduction of
fraternities, and when these speeches were the chief feature of the
graduating exercises, I am giving the following from the report of the
commencement of the College in the Biblical Recorder of May 26,
It is no disparagement of commencement sermons and addresses by learned and
eloquent visitors to say that the speeches by the young men themselves bring
popular interest to the highest pitch.
18 Minutes of Faculty, May 23, 1899.
List of winners of the A. D. Ward Medal, 1909-43: 1909. J. Santford Martin;
1910. F. T. Collins; 1911. J. Powell Tucker; 1912. B. V. Ferguson; 1913. V. V.
McGuire; 1914. George L. Jarvis; 1915. B. M. Watkins; 1916. Carey J. Hunter, Jr.;
1917. J. Baird Edwards; 1918. J. T. Gillespie; 1919. R. R. Mallard; 1920. F. C.
Feezor; 1921. A. R. Whitehurst; 1922. A. L. Goodrich; 1923. A. R. Wallace; 1924.
H. T. Wright; 1925. S. L. Blanton; 1926. C. B. Earp; 1927. C. R. Tew; 1928. 0. T.
Binkley; 1929. J. L. Carlton; 1930. Charles A. Maddry; 1931. C. H. Patrick; 1932.
W. H. Ford; 1933. E. L. Smith; 1934. D. G. Myers; 1935. Chas. U. Harris, Jr.; 1936.
G. E. Copple; 1937. J. A. Martin, Jr.; 1938. Albert E. Simms; 1939. R. M. Helm, Jr.;
1940. Eugene Worrell; 1941. J. S. Potter, Jr.; 1942. Ralph Brumet; 1943. John J.
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