Commencements 283
to the celebration, and that the participants should be alumni of the
For some weeks before the commencement there were man
manifestations of interest in it among the alumni and others. On the
Sunday of commencement week, May 27, the News and Observer had
a special Wake Forest section of ten pages, containing a program of
the events and a notice of preparations to entertain visitors, and a
comprehensive sketch of the College and the various presidents by G.
W. Paschal, and many other articles descriptive of Campus and
Library and grounds and the friendly spirit of the people. Another
notable feature was notes of greetings and congratulations from the
heads of other institutions of learning, Few of Duke, Graham of the
University of North Carolina, Brewer of Meredith and others.
At Wake Forest the Campus for full ten days beforehand was
pervaded by the spirit of the coming event. That spirit was of a deep
religious character, of calm thankfulness to God for his great
blessings during the past hundred years. It was in the minds of all, and
they were like them that dream.
The first public meeting was in the Baptist church on Tuesday
evening, May 20. Dr. Zeno Wall, president of the Baptist State
Convention, presided and prepared the audience by religious
exercises, reading of Scripture and prayer. A new Wake Forest hymn,
"Hail Wake Forest, Alma Mater, a hundred years now crown thy
head," tune "Austria," written by G. W. Paschal, was sung by the
choir and congregation with Dr. Hubert Poteat at the organ.
Then followed the historical address,23 by G. W. Paschal. This in
one respect was an apologia, since by recounting the services of the
College to both the State that chartered it and to the denomination that
fostered and supported it the speaker was intent on showing how
worthily it had performed the work en-
23 This address is published in the Biblical Recorder of July 4 and July 11, 1934,
and, with the exception of President Kitchin's brief baccalaureate address is the only
address of the celebration published in full. For the sermon and the other speeches
we have only extracts printed in the press reports.
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