312 History of Wake Forest College
of Law were prescribed, and twenty additional hours might be chosen
from the free electives. The thirty hours of Law brought the total of
work for the B.A. degree in this group to one hundred and forty
semester hours, about fifteen more semester hours than was required
in the other groups. This offering of a degree in Arts so heavily
weighted with electives in Law continued for eight years; the
catalogue of 1917-18 shows a revision with no more than ten semester
hours of Law as elective.
No provision for crediting work in Law on the requirements for the
degree of Bachelor of Science was made so long as that degree was
primarily for students of Medicine, but the catalogue of 1922-23, the
first in which a system of major studies is introduced, provides that a
student with the consent of his adviser, the head of the department in
which the student was doing his major work, might offer ten semester
hours of Law for either degree. There was the further provision that
the work in Law might not be done before the student's junior year.
Such with slight modification continued to be the status until Dr.
Gulley ended his deanship in June, 1935. Beginning with the
catalogue of 1934-35 a combined degree is provided for students of
Law; on the completion of three years of academic work, 94 semester
hours, and one year in the School of Law, the student receives the
B.A. degree; and on the completion of the work of the School of Law
the LL.B. degree.
The requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Laws (called
Bachelor of Law before the catalogue of 1900-01) as stated in the
catalogue of 1894-95 were:
To be entitled to the degree of Bachelor of Law the student must have completed
Junior and Senior Law, History, Political Economy and Constitutional Government.
The further statement is made under the head of the School of Law
that, "This will, in most cases, require two years' work. Candidates for
the degree are required to prepare a thesis on a subject selected by the
Professor." No statement is made about admission requirements, but it
is supposed that they were the
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