314 History of Wake Forest College
Beginning with the catalogue of 1921-22, four years of work were
prescribed for the degree; - the first of these consisted of academic
work in college-English, 6 semester hours; mathematics, 10 semester
hours, a science, 8 to 10 semester hours; foreign language, 10
semester hours; other academic work was history the second year,
economics the third year, government and four other semester hours
of Social Science the fourth year. The total requirements for the
degree were 130 semester hours, 50 academic, 80 in Law.
First in the catalogue of 1924-25 definite statement is made that,
"The completion of the two years of the prescribed academic work is
a prerequisite to admission to the Law classes." The requirement in
Law was three years of work chosen with the advice of the dean of
the School. This with more definite statement and some minor
modifications remains the requirements for the degree to this day. The
purpose, and a purpose that has been realized, has been to keep the
requirements for the degree up to the prevailing standards, which
since 1924-25 have been those of the Association of American Law
It should be noted that many who received the degree of Bachelor
of Laws had previously been graduated with the degree of Bachelor of
Arts and that not a few of these had no purpose of becoming lawyers,
but were preparing for the ministry or for teaching or business and
have since pursued these vocations. Furthermore, both in the regular
and in the summer sessions there have been many college graduates,
both from Wake Forest and from other institutions.
The total number of those who received the Law degree while Dr.
Gulley was dean of the School is 520. The first to graduate were three
in 1896. These were John Homer Gore, Jr., Isaac Melson Meekins,
and Charles Winburn. The number of graduates was larger every year
but one, 1901, when H. A. A. Kornegay was the only one to receive
the degree. The largest classes were those of 1922 and 1928, in each
of which years twenty-four were graduated with the degree.
Beginning with 1930 the Bachelor of Laws, like the other degrees,
was conferred at the close of the
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