318 History of Wake Forest College
had taught in the academies of the State, and for the years 1899-1914
had been superintendent of public instruction of Franklin County; in
1903 and again in 1905 he had represented his district in the State
Senate. It was soon seen that he was a valuable addition to the faculty
of the School. He had much teaching ability and a clear, analytic
method of presentation, which proved most stimulating to students.
With his coming the work of the School was expanded by the addition
of new courses in which much fuller treatment was given to the
subjects taught than had before been possible. While Professor White
taught all his subjects well, perhaps his characteristic powers as
teacher were best seen in his courses on Wills and on Domestic Rela-
tions and on Constitutional Law.
In September, 1928, R. L. McMillan was added to the faculty of the
School of Law as full professor. The addition was rendered necessary
by the fact that the ill health of Professor Timberlake made it
impossible for him to do full-time work. Mr. McMillan had graduated
from the College with the Bachelor of Arts degree in 1909, and
received the Master's degree in 1910; he received the degree of
Bachelor of Laws from Columbia University in 1917; after a summer
course in the Wake Forest School of Law he was licensed to practice
Law in North Carolina in August, 1919. He was an able teacher, but
preferred to return to his practice, and remained with the school only
two years.
After two years, 1930-32, with only three teachers, I. Beverly Lake
was added as Assistant Professor in 1932; was advanced to Associate
Professor in 1933, and to the full professorship in 1934, a position he
has since held, with leave of absence for one year, 1939-40, while he
was occupying a fellowship in Columbia University. Mr. Lake
received the degree of Bachelor of Arts from Wake Forest College in
1925, and the degree of Bachelor of Laws from Harvard University in
1929. He is one of the ablest of the younger alumni of the College,
masterly in his knowledge of law, and a skillful teacher.
Some others have served on the faculty of the summer school
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