The School of Law 327
students previously in attendance to complete their study without interruption or
change of program.
In December, 1935, the Wake Forest College School of Law was
admitted to membership in the Association of American Law Schools,
and approved by the American Bar Association. It had previously
been approved by the State Board of Law Examiners and the Council
of the North Carolina State Bar and the graduates of the School had
been declared eligible for the State Bar examinations, which
superseded the former Supreme Court examinations for license to
practice law in the State. The first of these, the Association of
American Law Schools, is the standardizing agency for the law
schools in the United States. Membership in this is conditioned upon
the meeting of prescribed standards with respect to faculty,
curriculum, library, general equipment, and the qualification of
entering students.
With its standing thus recognized and put beyond question the
Wake Forest College School of Law has continued under Dean
Stansbury to maintain its high standing and influence among the law
schools of the State and country. In his work the new dean had the
cooperation of the strong faculty he found here Gulley, Timberlake,
White, Lake-all able and excellent teachers, and teaching the subjects
of their choice; he has also had the help of several new men, some of
them already demonstrated to be of first-class ability. As soon as the
confusion caused by the war ends it will be necessary for several
other new men to be added to the teaching force, for only one or two
of the former teachers will return to the classroom again. A new
librarian also will be needed, since the position was left vacant in
June, 1942, by the resignation of Librarian Donald Gulley.
In the curriculum slight modifications have been made from time to
time to keep step with the normal progress of legal education in the
United States. For admission to the School the student must have
done with some efficiency full one-half the college work for the
degree of Bachelor of Arts in the College or other college of good
standing; for the degree of Bachelor of
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