328 History of Wake Forest College
Laws he must take in the order prescribed three years of work, from
thirteen to fifteen hours of recitation a week, a total of eighty semester
hours, on all of which he must make satisfactory grades.
As a rule only students who are candidates for a degree are
admitted to the School, but in conformity with the standard set by the
Association of American Law Schools, a few special student have
been admitted, four of whom in the years 1935-43 have completed the
work of the school and been admitted to the bar by the State Bar
examiners. Although the requirements for admission to the School
have been high the enrollment of students in it has been large, a
yearly average of more than sixty from 1935 to 1942 in the regular
session, and of about twenty-five in the summer school. The number
graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Laws, June 1, 1936, to
January, 1943, is one hundred and thirty-five, and the number given
certificates is four; of these one hundred and twenty-seven have been
admitted to the bar by the State Bar Examiners. Alphabetic lists of
both graduates and those admitted to the bar are given in the appendix
to this section, placed with other appendices at the end of this volume.
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