The School of Medicine 333
This statement, with slight addition of other subjects advised,
continued in the catalogues until the establishment of the School of
Medicine in 1902, and was the first recognition by any college of the
State of the need of proper pre-medical studies.
It was at their meeting on May 31, 1893, that the Board of Trustees
gave their first serious attention to the establishment of a School of
Medicine at the College. Its prime mover seems to have been Dr. W.
J. McLendon of Wadesboro, who had been chosen a member of the
Board only the day before. Dr. McLendon, Dr. T. H. Pritchard and
Mr. E. K. Proctor, were appointed a committee to report the next year,
and Dr. McLendon was also a member of several other committees
appointed to report on the
These committees uniformly made
a favorable report, and went further and suggested measures for
making the School of Medicine self-supporting, but these several
reports after each of them had received favorable action from the full
Board were afterwards at the same session reconsidered and disposed
of by
It was reported at the time, though not officially, that
this vicillating action of the Trustees was due to their difficulty in
coming to an agreement as to the proper man to head the new school.
The suggestion of the committees for supporting the School was that a
medical fee of three dollars a year should be collected from each
student registering and that for these fees the physician in charge of
the School of Medicine should attend the students in sickness; it was
also recommended that the instructor should be further compensated
by getting all the fees of students in the school, and it may be said
here that on the establishment of the School in 1902 a medical fee was
charged in accord with this recommendation.
In several of his reports, President Taylor gave approval of the
establishment of the School somewhat cautiously, for instance, in that
of May 24, 1898, but without reserve on May 29,
slight modifications the course will be found useful to students of Pharmacy or
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4 Minutes of the Board of Trustees for May 27-28, 1896, May 25, 1898.
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