334 History of Wake Forest College
1900. In response, the Board appointed a committee and on its
recommendation ordered the establishment of a chair of Medicine and
Pharmacy, and authorized the faculty to provide at once, without
additional cost, for instruction in Pharmacy, but that instruction in
Medicine should not begin until the beginning of the fall session of
1901; and that the selection of a professor of Medicine be referred to a
committee of three, which committee as appointed by the chair
consisted of E. W. Timberlake, E. Y. Webb, and C. M. Cooke.5 At the
next annual meeting of the Board, however, in May, 1901, on account
of the illness of the chairman of the committee, no report was made,
but the Trustees referred the whole matter to the Executive
Committee with permissive power to establish the school which
referred it to an unfriendly sub-committee which took no action.
Accordingly, no School of Medicine was established until the opening
of the fall term of 1902-03, and then only after a rather sharp state-
ment by President Taylor in his report that the action of the Board had
been publicly announced and the inauguration of new courses
advertised and several students had come to the College in
expectation of beginning the study of Medicine. The President took
care to explain that it was only a two years' medical course that was
contemplated. That one of the principal concerns of the Trustees in
establishing the School was the securing of a proper man to be its
head is indicated by the size and character of the committee appointed
to make arrangements and the further provision that the Trustees must
be called in special session to approve any selection they might make.
The minute reads
The following committee is appointed to take the necessary steps in the
establishment of the Medical Department: L. Johnson, W. N. Jones, R. H. Marsh, J.
W. Bailey, and J. C. Scarborough, and by motion of Brother Scarborough, this
committee, after taking the necessary steps for establishing the Medical Department
and the Department of Pharmacy, shall, through the President of the Board, call the
Board of Trustees in special session for the election of teachers for the departments.
The committee that made these recommendations was E. F. Aydlett, E. W.
Timberlake, and E. Y. Webb.
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