The School of Medicine 335
The committee reported to a called meeting of the Board on July
22, 1902, which in search of further information adjourned until July
31, 1902, at which time the Board elected Dr. Fred K. Cooke at a
salary of $1,000 as head of the department of Medicine, asked that
Professors W. L. Poteat and Charles E. Brewer assist in the medical
courses, left the fixing of fees to the faculty, deferred for a year the
institution of a department of Pharmacy, and appropriated $500 for
the equipment of the department. Soon afterwards, an additional $200
was voted for equipment. Dr. Cooke was a native of Louisburg, the
son of C. M. Cooke, a member of the Board of Trustees, one of the
ablest lawyers of the state, and afterwards a judge of the Superior
Court. The young Cooke had been a student in Medicine at the
University of North Carolina, 1898-1900, and later at Tulane
University, New Orleans, where he received the degree of Doctor of
Medicine. When elected he was a surgeon in the United States Army.
In the catalogue of 1902-03 he is described as Professor of Anatomy,
Bacteriology, and Pathology.
During the first year the newly elected head of the School of
Medicine devoted his time mainly to teaching Anatomy and
Physiology, while other members of the staff taught Chemistry,
Biology, and Histology. Thirteen students registered for the course the
first year. This number was perhaps larger than had been expected,
and in consequence of it the Trustees at the commencement of 1903
were encouraged to go beyond the recommendation of President
Taylor, which was to add to the teaching force of next session by the
employment of one or more of the local physicians of Wake Forest;
they authorized the employment for his full time of some young men
recently graduated from a medical college of good standing; they also
established a medical fee of five dollars a year, two dollars and fifty
cents a term, to be collected of all students, and fixed the tuition for
students of Medicine at thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents a term,
with extra fees for laboratories. At a meeting of the Executive Com-
mittee on August 22, Dr. Watson S. Rankin was elected Professor of
Pathology at a salary of $1,250. Rankin had been a student
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