338 History of Wake Forest College
only graduates of high schools with credit for not less than fifteen
units of high school work. In the early years this deficiency in the
high school preparation of students entering the Wake Forest School
of Medicine and other such schools in the South was winked at by the
agents of the American Medical Colleges who checked up the work of
the School, since they knew that it was all but impossible for Southern
students to meet the high standards of the secondary schools of the
Northern States; but towards the end of the period, these agents made
a much closer check on the high school work of the students in the
School of Medicine of the College. And it may be said that it was
only in this respect, that of high school standing of students on
admission to the College, that the scholastic training of any of the
students of the School of Medicine was ever challenged. Of course,
this challenge was met, and it has not existed since 1922-23, since
which time only students with full high school credit are admitted to
the College.
In 1902, when the School of Medicine of the College was opened,
and for several years thereafter, in most medical colleges admission
was granted to those who had completed a course in an approved high
school. Accordingly, the College was complying with the standards of
most medical colleges in making the terms of admission to its School
of Medicine the same as those to the College. The following
statement from the catalogue of 1902-03 does indeed reveal that at
that time the standards for admission to schools of medicine were
much lower than at present, and that the medical courses were not yet
segregated from all preliminary and preparatory courses, but only a
few medical colleges of that time would have found the standards
indicated too low. This statement reads:
It is believed that the study of medicine in connection with the regular work of
the College offers to students such advantages as are
not found at institutions devoted wholly to medical work. The student is allowed to
pursue at the same time studies in Medicine and in the regular college work, and on
completion of the course in Medicine together with a certain amount of prescribed
work, is granted the degree
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