26 History of Wake Forest College
language and literature which was normal in days before the new
order. Perhaps the class of students which suffers most from the
disregard by the high schools of adequate instruction in the ancient
language is ministers of the gospel; they come to college untrained
and undisciplined in language study, and in most cases they never
acquire in either college or seminary the masterly knowledge of them
and facility in their use which all ministers should have if they are to
interpret the New Testament to their congregations or to have a first-
hand understanding of many of the ablest documents of the churches
throughout the ages. We should have the promise of abler Baptist
preachers in North Carolina if our young men could obtain adequate
instruction in Latin in the high schools in the State.
After an unsuccessful effort a few years earlier, the faculty in 1933-
34 adopted a plan, already coming into use in many colleges, to
improve the character of the work required for a degree. Under this
plan not only must a certain number of semester hours, 120 to 124, be
completed for the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science,
but the average grade earned on the number of semester hours must
be as high as C, about 85 on a per cent basis. In- determining this
average a scheme of what is known as quality points is used. On
every semester hour earned with a grade of C, the student gets one
quality point; or if earned with a grade of B, two quality points; if
with a grade of A, three quality points. A grade below C earns no
quality point. Thus it comes about that the minimum requirement in
quality points must equal the number of semester hours required for
the degree. This plan has helped remove certain abuses that once
existed at Wake Forest and other colleges. Certain students, some of
them able, content to waste their time in college, before the
introduction of the quality-point system were satisfied to make only a
passing grade, say seventy; but with the quality-point requirement a
student knows that to slight his work may mean the loss of the degree.
If he wants honors, he must have an average of at least B, about 90,
and a corresponding number of quality points.
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