344 History of Wake Forest College
the College Hospital and also Superintendent of it for the first two
years of its operation, 1906-08. On his retirement President Poteat
reported to the Trustees that he had "done notable service both as a
teacher and as College Surgeon and Superintendent of the Hospital."
During his stay at Wake Forest, on June 12, 1906, Dr. Gaines married
Miss Virginia Ethel Alexander of Atlanta; the young couple were
highly regarded in Wake Forest. On leaving, Dr. Gaines went to
Atlanta and continued there in the practice of his profession until his
death, 1938.
Some account of other members of the medical faculty will be
found below in this chapter.
The College Hospital-called Infirmary until May 23, 1907has all
the time been so much a part of the School of Medicine that the story
of it is introduced here.
In the chapter on Buildings and Grounds an account of the erection
and equipment of the building has already been given; its
administration concerns us here.
As the building was nearing completion, in May, 1906, Drs. Rankin
and Gaines made to the Board of Trustees some recommendations for
its management and operation: that it be under the general control of a
supervisory committee of the Board; that the Trustees choose one of
the college physicians to be superintendent, who should be
responsible to the supervisory committee; that free treatment, except
for board and extra nurse be given to all students; that outside patients
also be admitted at $1.50 a day; that students be admitted only on the
recommendation of the superintendent, and that outside patients be
admitted on the joint recommendation of the superintendent and the
chairman of the supervisory committee; that the hospital be provided
with a matron and as many orderlies as needed.
Instead of a matron a regular trained nurse has been employed, but
with this exception the plan suggested in these recommendations were
followed with slight modifications, for several years. In May, 1907,
the Trustees voted a hospital fee of $1.00
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