The School of Medicine 345
a term for each student, thus making the total hospital and medical fee
$7.00 a
The first superintendent, as was said above, was Dr. L. M. Gaines,
for the two years, 1906-07 and 1907-08. For the next year, 1908-09,
the superintendent was Dr. W. S. Rankin. As Dr. Rankin was leaving
the College at this time the Trustees had to find a new superintendent,
and this was Dr. John B. Powers, Jr., the newly elected professor of
Bacteriology and Pathology, who held the place for the two years,
1909-10 and 1910-11. By the spring of 1911 considerable
dissatisfaction with the management of the hospital had arisen and the
Trustees at their meeting in May, 1911, appointed Drs. W. S. Rankin,
J. T. J. Battle and J. M. Parrott, a committee of investigation, who
brought in and secured adoption by the Board of a set of rules for the
guidance of the superintendent and the management of the hospital, so
thorough and detailed as to merit the name given, "plan of re-
organization." A plan of organization offered by Professors Stewart
and Carstarphen was rejected. The managing committee was
abolished, and the superintendent was both to be elected by the Board
of Trustees or its Executive Committee and to be responsible to and
report to them alone. The duties of the superintendent were stated as
(a) He shall employ and discharge, when necessary, all employees of the
(b) He shall purchase all supplies and approve all bills for same before their
payment and shall render an annual statement of all receipts and disbursements to
the Board of Trustees, and shall render a financial statement to the Executive
Committee whenever called upon to do so by the committee or its agent. The
Superintendent is instructed hereby to purchase all supplies at wholesale prices
whenever possible.
(c) He shall adopt a uniform system of clinical records.
(d) He shall preserve and properly label all pathological specimens obtained in
the Hospital and furnish a portion of same to the Medical Department of the College
for medical instruction.
10 The first supervisory or managing committee consisted of R. E. Royall, E. W.
Timberlake, J. W. Lynch, W. L Poteat, L. R. Mills. In 1907 Dr. J. H. Gorrell and Dr.
C. E. Brewer were added. 23
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