348 History of Wake Forest College
One of the chief elements in the efficient and strongly approved
operation of the hospital has been the high character and ability,
industry and faithfulness of the trained nurses who have been in
charge of it. Their names and terms of service are as follows:
Miss Minnie Gwaltney, 1906-10; Miss E. L. Speight, September 2,
1910 (suffered an injury from a fall and served only a few days); Miss
Edna B. Halsey 1910-11; Miss Iola Temple, 191114, who left on
leave of absence on January 15, 1914, and on January 28 was married
to Rev. J. A. Mason, of the class of 1892; Miss Xanie Stowe, 1914-18
and 1920-22; Miss Maude Piggott, 1922-27; Miss Eva B. Vause, 1927
to June, 1943.
As was said above no matron was ever employed for the hospital,
but the nurses have performed the functions of matron as well as their
professional duties. They have occupied quarters in the building, and
have been provided with a cook and other servants, the orderlies
being largely at their disposal. Until the establishment of the summer
school in 1922 the hospital was kept open only in the regular
scholastic year, but since that time it has been open during the session
of the summer school also, in which time the head nurses have usually
been in charge, but at times the regular nurses have relieved in the
summer school period by one appointed temporarily for the place.
Since 1930-31, two hospital interns from the medical students of
the College have regularly had their lodgings in the Hospital and
render assistance to the physicians and the nurse when called upon.
Beginning with the session of 1908-09, Dr. E. E. Stewart,
succeeding Dr. L. M. Gaines, served as Professor of Anatomy and
Pharmacology until May, 1912, four years. He was elected at a
meeting of the Board of Trustees in Raleigh, July 23, 1908, and came
highly recomemnded. Copying from the President's report for 1908-
09: "A native of New York City, Dr. Stewart had four years of
collegiate training in the College of the City of New York and
received his professional degree from the
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