The School of Medicine 351
reorganization in July, 1914, we next consider the professors in the
other departments.
After Dr. Rankin had given up his work in the College, the Trustees
in a special meeting on July 20, 1919, elected Dr. J. B. Powers, Jr.,
professor of Bacteriology and Pathology, and acting dean. To quote
from President Poteat's statement to the Board: "Dr. Powers received
his Bachelor of Arts degree from Wake Forest College in 1901, and
two years later his Master's degree. After four years of study in the
College of Physicians and Surgeons, of Columbia University, he
received his doctorate in medicine in 1907. He returned to Wake
Forest and took up the practice of medicine, continuing it for half a
year, and then entered upon an internship in Bellevue Hospital, New
York City. This position he held for a year and a half. His work with
the College began with the opening of the present session (1909-10).
The managing Committee of the College Hospital appointed him to
the position of superintendent of the hospital." Being appointed to the
full position of dean the next year he continued in that position and
also as superintendent of the Hospital until May, 1911, and he
continued as professor until the reorganization of the School in 1914.
Soon after resigning Dr. Powers volunteered for the medical service
of the United States Army in which he remained until 1937, when he
returned to Wake Forest and taking up the practice of his profession
remained in it until his death, September 24, 1941.
By May, 1910, an increase in the teaching force of the School was
thought imperative, and the Trustees authorized the appointment of a
professor of physiology to begin work at the opening of the spring
term. To that position Dr. W. T. Carstarphen was elected at a meeting
of the Board on September 8, 1910, and he took up his work at the
time appointed. His salary was the regular salary at that time, $1,600 a
year. To quote from President Poteat's report to the Board of Trustees
at their annual meeting in May, 1911: "Dr. William Turner
Carstarphen of Kittrell, N. C., was graduated from Wake Forest
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