354 History of Wake Forest College
wrangling continued. One manifestation of this was the difficulty
experienced in getting a quorum of the Board of Trustees when
matters concerning the School were on the agenda. One such meeting
was that called for a meeting in Raleigh, for June 12, 1915, at which
time no quorum was present. Those present, however, one less than
the quorum number, passed a resolution expressing their "confidence
in the continuance and permanence of the medical department of the
College," a like resolution was pased on July 5, 1917, by the full
Board. The wrangling, however, was no longer among the staff
members of the School but among the local partisans of the former
contentions. It ended with the resignation of Dr. Carstarphen, given
on request, in May, 1917.
Mention has already been made of Professor H. D. Taylor, who was
elected Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology on July 15, 1914. He
had received his B.A. degree from St. Johns College and his M.D.
degree from Johns Hopkins University. On coming to Wake Forest he
was already married. He remained only one yaer when he resigned to
accept a position on the staff of the Rockefeller Institute of Medical
Research in New York City.
Dr. Taylor was succeeded as Professor of Bacteriology and
Pathology by Dr. Roswell E. Flack, a graduate of Wake Forest
College with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1901. He took up his
medical studies in Johns Hopkins University Medical School in 1909,
and in 1913 received from that institution the M.D. degree. He had
spent the two years 1913-15 in the practice of his profession as health
officer for Spray, N. C. Dr. Flack remained only one year when he
resigned to accept a position with Dr. Von Ruck's Tuberculosis
Hospital in Asheville, N. C.
When Dr. W. C. Smith asked for a year's leave of absence as told of
above, on his recommendation the Trustees appointed Dr. G. A.
Aiken of Malta Mend, Missouri, to conduct Dr. Smith's classes for the
year 1916-17. But, as Dr. Smith did not return, at their meeting in
May, 1917, the Board regularly elected Dr.
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