The School of Medicine 355
Aiken to the place, as professor of Anatomy. In May, 1919, Dr. Aiken
resigned and took up the practice of Medicine at Webb, Missouri. To
continue with the Department of Anatomy-on August 17, 1919, Dr.
H. M. Vann was elected professor of Anatomy at a salary of $2,200,
$200 being for medical and surgical attention to students. Dr. Vann
received the degree of Bachelor of Arts from Wake Forest College in
1915, and the Master's degree in 1916; and the M.D. degree from
Jefferson Medical College in 1917. He had served in the Medical
Reserve Corps of the U. S. Army, 1918-19. There have been two
periods in his service as professor of Anatomy in the Wake Forest
College School of Medicine; the first was 1919-26; the second has
been from January, 1928 to the present. He has shown himself an able
and thorough instructor through all the twenty years. For the period,
September 1, 1926, to January, 1928, he held a position in the
department of Anatomy in Tulane University.
As a successor to Dr. Vann as professor of Anatomy, the Trustees
in July, 1926, elected Dr. William A. Johnson of Raleigh. Dr. Johnson
had received the degree of Bachelor of Arts from Wake Forest
College in 1923, and the M.D. degree from the University of
Pennsylvania in 1925. For the year, 1925-26, he had been resident
physician at the Kansas City General Hospital. He served the College
with much acceptance and efficiency until his untimely death from an
automobile accident, near Shelby, November 27, 1927. In his honor
has been named the William Amos Johnson Medical Building,
constructed during the winter of 1932-33, with funds donated by the
Johnson family. This building, modern in all details, provided
adequately for the School of Medical Sciences until the School of
Medicine was incorporated with the Bowman Gray School of
Medicine in 1941. Now as the School has moved to Winston-Salem
the building, with the approval of the donors, provides a home for the
biological sciences, which are basic in the study of medicine.
Succeeding Dr. Flack as professor of Pathology and Bac-
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