356 History of Wake Forest College
teriology, was Dr. E. A. Case, appointed July 27, 1916, who served
for one year. He had received the M.D. degree from the Medico-
Chirurgical College of Philadelphia in 1908, and has held several
positions as instructor and professor of Pathology and Bacteriology in
medical colleges. Since leaving Wake Forest he has practiced his
profession in Philadelphia.
As successor to Dr. Case, the Trustees on August 24, 1917, elected
Dr. L. T. Buchanan to the chair of Pathology and Bacteriology. Dr.
Buchanan had received the B.S. degree from Wake Forest College in
1911, and the M.D. degree from Jefferson Medical Hospital in 1913.
Afterwards he served as intern in the Kansas City General Hospital
and on the Medical Reserve Corps of the Army, 1916-17. He
remained at the College until 1920, when he resigned his position and
took up the practice of his profession.
With the departure of Dr. Buchanan, in 1920, the department of
Bacteriology and Pathology was divided and a full professor provided
for each subject. The chair of Bacteriology was entrusted to Professor
W. F. Taylor, who had received the B.S. degree from Wake Forest
College in 1916 and the M.A. degree in 1917. He was bacteriologist
and serologist in the U. S. Army, 1917-18, attaining the rank of
Lieutenant, and a student in the Yale Army Laboratory School, 1918.
He had several positions in the Wake Forest School of Medicine,
being associate professor of Bacteriology and Physiological
Chemistry for the year 1919-20. He was made full professor of these
subjects in 1920 and held the position until June, 1927, when being
granted a year's absence he accepted a position in Bacteriology in the
Baylor University School of Medicine and continued there until his
In charge of the other division of the School, that of Pathology, the
Trustees placed Dr. Charles Phillips, a graduate of Richmond College
with the B.A. degree in 1912, and of the Medical College of Virginia,
with the M.D. degree in 1916. He had been on the U. S. Army
Reserve Corps 1917-19, and Pathologist for the Stuart Circle
Hospital, 1919-20. He remained at the College
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