358 History of Wake Forest College
later was elevated to the full professorship. When the School of
Medicine was moved to Winston-Salem in 1941, he remained at
Wake Forest as college physician.
Until 1936 the subjects of Biochemistry and Toxicology had been
taught by a member of the teaching staff of the department of
Chemistry of the College or by members of the medical faculty whose
main work was in other departments; but in the summer of 1936 the
Trustees chose H. C. Tidwell as professor of that department. Dr.
Tidwell had received both his B.A. and his M.A. degrees from Baylor
University in 1919, and his Ph.D. degree from Johns Hopkins
University in 1930. Since that time he had served as instructor of
Chemistry in the A. and M. College of Texas, and in other capacities
in the Carnegie Institute of Pittsburgh and in Johns Hopkins
University. For the year 1935-36, he had been instructor in
Biochemistry in Duke University. He remained at Wake Forest until
In 1938 Dr. Tidwell was succeeded as professor of Biochemistry
and Toxicology by Camillo Artom, who had received his degree of
M.D. from the Royal University of Padua in 1917, and since that time
had served as teacher in several Italian universities, his last position
before coming to Wake Forest being that of professor of Physiology
and Biochemistry in Palermo, 1935-38. Dr. Artom is Jewish stock and
he and his wife had left Palermo in consequence of persecution of his
race. He continues his work in the School of Medicine with much
ability and satisfaction.
In the summer of 1940, the Trustees chose Dr. Herbert S. Wells as
professor of Physiology and Pharmacology. Dr. Wells had received
his B.A. degree from Stanford University in 1921, and his M.D.
degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1925. He was Fellow in
Medicine of the National Research Council 1925-27.
Since 1936 the School has added to its teaching force in several
departments by providing instructors and assistant professors.
One of these is Dr. R. P. Morehead. He received his B.S. degree
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