360 History of Wake Forest College
chief resident physician of the Fitzgerald-Mercy Hospital, 1935-36,
Fellow in Surgery, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, 1936-38, and
has practiced surgery in Raleigh since 1938.
It is not thought necessary to do more here than to refer by name to
others on the regular faculty of the academic department of the
college who have offered courses in the School of Medicine. These
are Professors C. E. Brewer and J. W. Nowell in the department of
Chemistry, and Professors H. N. Gould and O. C. Bradbury in the
department of Biology.
I have deferred until now a statement with reference to the con-
nection of Dr. T. D. Kitchin with the school, since after his ap-
pointment, he, more than anyone else, has had a controlling influence
on the general direction of the school. The account of his work is the
most convenient place for the narration of some matters not yet
touched upon.
After the resignation of Dr. W. T. Carstarphen, Dr. T. D. Kitchin on
August 24, 1917, was elected to the professorship of Physiology at a
salary of $2,000 a year. Dr. Kitchin was graduated from Wake Forest
College with the B.A. degree in 1905, and received the M.D. degree
from Jefferson Medical College in 1908. For some years preceding
his election he had been engaged in the practice of medicine in
Lumberton and Scotland Neck.
At the time of the election of Dr. Kitchin, the Board voted that the
professors of the School of Medicine might supplement their salaries
by obstetrical practice outside the town and by consultation. Later it
became the established policy of the Board for several years to fix the
salary of the professors in the School of Medicine $200 higher than
the salaries of the professors in the College proper. In September,
1918 the salaries of the latter were increased from $1,800 to $2,000;
on January 15, 1919 the salaries of the former were raised to $2,200.
Later the increases made in the salaries of the academic faculty were
accompanied by a proportional addition in those of the medical school
faculty. For several years salaries in the School of
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