The School of Medicine 363
and student assistants, and had a spacious room with tables and
equipment for work. The library was first only a division of the
College library, and books and periodicals were kept there, but in
1915 a special room was given to it in the Alumni Building, and since
that time it has been served by its own librarian. It has been endowed
by several gifts. The first of these was the William Edgar Marshall
Memorial Fund, provided on May 21, 1914, by Mr. W. F. Marshall,
an alumnus of the College of the class of 1883, and his wife, of
Raleigh, as a memorial to their son, who was graduated from the
College in 1910, with the distinction of magna cum laude, and died of
typhoid fever on April 29, 1912. This fund amounts to $1,250.
Another fund is the Bryan Spivey Bazemore Fund, established in
May, 1919, by Mrs. Burden of Windsor as a memorial for her son, Dr.
B. S. Bazemore, a student of Medicine and a graduate of the College
with the B.A. degree in 1907. This fund is $500. Two other funds of
$500 each, given for the support of the library, are the A. B. Peacock
Fund and the Mrs. A. E. Tate Fund. The income from these funds
supplements the library fees of the students in the support of the
The popularity of the School of Medicine and the confidence of the
friends of the College in its future are indicated by several other gifts
and bequests that have come to it in the last few years. Mention has
already been made of the gift of the family of the lamented William
A. Johnson for the construction of the William Amos Johnson
Medical Building, a model building of its kind. Another gift was that
of $5,000 by Mrs. T. J. Stephenson of Seaboard as a memorial for her
son, who had done his first two years of medicine in the College and
was graduated in 1931, and died in January, 1933. This fund is $5,000
and the income for it is used in the support of the laboratory of
Physiology. During the year 1940-41 the School was the recipient of
two bequests; one of $25,000 by the will of the late Dr. Wayland
Mitchell of the class of 1891, the other of about $17,000 by the will of
the late Dr. J. T. J. Battle of the class of 1876.
It should also be recorded that the faculty of the School of
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