Born March 21, 1881 Died July 6, 1940
Baseball Coach, Wake Forest College, 1929-40
Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Wake Forest College,
No other loved Wake Forest College with a more ardent devotion
than John C. Caddell, Jr.; none was more jealous of its honor. The
College was a part of his being. His grandfather, Dr. W. T. Brooks,
came to Wake Forest in its first year and was a graduate of its first
class, that of 1889; his father was a member of the class of 1878; he
himself grew up in the shadow of the College, in the home built by his
grandfather. His baseball teams often won the state intercollegiate
championship; but they had another quality no less honorable to the
College: they learned from their coach that they must be gentlemen
both on the baseball field and off of it. The Howler of 1937, which
was dedicated to him, records that when his team had won a state
championship a lawyer of Asheville wrote: "To John Caddell, Premier
North Carolina Coach, Prince and Gentleman, Wake Forest, North
Carolina: If the rhododendron were not to bloom this year it would
not be as surprising as if your baseball team were not to make a
creditable showing."
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