Administration of Francis Pendleton Gaines 371
things he manifested another quality which was especially pleasing to
some members of the faculty who heard him; that was his youthful
enthusiasm. Although it was only natural that he should still have
some sense of elation from his election to such an important post, it
was easy to see that his enthusiasm was characteristic, as he spoke of
"walking from watch to watch, from tent to tent." At this time there
was need of such enthusiasm at Wake Forest-and among the friends
of the College elsewhere.
"He will receive a cordial welcome when he visits the associations
and other gatherings of North Carolina Baptists," said the editor of the
Biblical Recorder.
On the next day, Monday, June 27, 1927, the new president stopped
at Wake Forest for an hour and was shown around the buildings and
grounds, often expressing his surprise and pleasure, as he found them
better than he had expected. He also was present at the chapel service
of the summer school.
As he was spending the summer at Columbia University, it was
necessary for Professor E. W. Timberlake, whom the Trustees had
appointed Chairman of the Faculty on the retirement of President
Poteat, to continue to perform the necessary duties of the president's
office nearly all the vacation period. Accordingly, when the new
president came to Wake Forest at the end of the summer he had to
begin at the beginning in almost all lines of a president's work. He
was inexperienced in administrative and executive functions and had
to learn the routine of his official duties; he had no personal
acquaintance with the members of the faculty, and after he came, in
the press of other duties he had little time for knowing them; he had
no knowledge of the traditions and customs of the College and was in
danger of offending some when he unwittingly disregarded them. But
he had his own enthusiastic spirit and helpful disposition and was not
without a good measure of wisdom, and these with the good will of
all at the College, trustees, professors and students, soon won him
favor, as he was making the adjustments of his first days and months.
The students were greatly pleased with him. On September 12, he
addressed the freshmen, and on September 15, he
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