The President's Office 29
appeared the first number of the Wake Forest Quarterly Bulletin.
According to the statement in the introductory announcement:
The ends at which it will aim are manifold. Among the more important of its
objects are the dissemination of information about Wake Forest, more direct and
frequent communication with the Alumni than has been possible, and the
stimulation of interest in educationall kinds of education-throughout our borders.
In form, except for the catalogue number, which was of the usual
catalogue size, it was a small pamphlet of from 12 to 32 pages, seven
inches by five. The nature of its contents may be judged by the titles
of the brief articles which made up the twenty-four pages of the issue
for March, 1899: "Wake Forest Alumni Association," by C. E.
Brewer; "That Boy of Yours," a reprint by Wm. W. Smith, A.M.,
LL.D., President of Randolph Macon College; "Wake Forest Law
School," "The Expenses of Students at Wake Forest," by J. B. Carlyle;
"The Summer School (Preliminary Announcement)." The issue of
February, 1901, is wholly devoted to short descriptions of the College
and the score of other Baptist educational institutions of North
Carolina. One number each year was the catalogue. The Bulletin
continued until the August number of 1902. One of the main purposes
of its establishment, which was not mentioned in the statement above,
was to get second class postage rates for the mailing of the college
catalogue, a privilege enjoyed by many other colleges and universities,
and it was probably because Wake Forest was not at that time allowed
this privilege that the publication of the Quarterly Bulletin was
This publication had been of value to the College in other ways
than the saving of postage; the need of it, or a like periodical,
continued to be felt, and in his first year President Poteat took
measures for its reestablishment, and brought out the catalogue of
1905-06 as its first number. In due time he was able to secure the
privilege of second-class postage for it, which was kept without
question thereafter, in this way effecting a saving of $66.67 on the
catalogue for 1905-06, and $93.34 on that of
2 Report of President for 1906-07.
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