Administration of Francis Pendleton Gaines 373
which ought to be at the heart of the religious program. We expect to
change the hour, to lengthen slightly the period, to modify the content
so that the contribution may be more definitely devotional. We must
provide also a more specific leadership for training our students in the
modes of practical religious activity."
On the part of the students there was a ready response to this
concern for their religious interests, and during the three years of
President Gaines's administration there was a wholesome religious
spirit at work among the students, stimulating them not only to high
thinking but clean living. This is evident from the following
paragraph from the report of Dean Bryan, May, 1930, as Dr. Gaines
was leaving the College:
I wish to call attention also to the splendid spirit and morale that have
characterized the student life this year. There has been less evidence of hazing,
drinking, and roughness than in any year since I have known the College. In my
opinion a more solid and serious student group could not be found. Dr. J. B. Turner
held a series of meetings in the college community during January that contributed
splendidly to the spirit of the students. His discussions gripped their very hearts and
left an abiding interest on the Campus for a more wholesome life.
At their meeting in Durham, November 16, 1927, the first after the
election of the new president, the Trustees approved a
recommendation of their executive committee made at a meeting in
October, and appointed a committee to cooperate with a committee of
the faculty in arranging for his public inauguration. The committee of
the Trustees was G. T. Stephenson, J. A. Campbell, C. D. Poe; that of
the faculty, D. B. Bryan, E. B. Earnshaw and C. C. Pearson. They
arranged a program which in its elaborateness measured up to the
standards of the day for such occasions, and set the exercises for April
25, 1928. At the appointed time about seventy delegates from other
institutions were present and about a dozen others sent their greetings.
The order of exercises was that indicated in the footnote below.1
Order of Exercises. 9:00 a.m. Registration of Delegates in the College Library.
9:45 a.m. Academic Procession. 10:00 a.m. Procesisonal Hymn, "All Hail the
Power of Jesus' Name." Invocation, Reverend A. Paul Bagby,
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