Administration of Francis Pendleton Gaines 375
at the opening of the session of the next year. Black, who had won his
Ph.D. degree during his year of leave was raised to the rank of full
professor in May, 1928; at the same time Dr. W. E. Speas, who had won
his Ph.D. degree in 1927 and had returned to his duties in the department
of Physics of the College in Sepember, 1927, was also raised to the rank
of full professor. Assistant Professor W. J. Wyatt, also of the department
of Chemistry, after a year's leave of absence returned to his work at the
College in September, 1927. In May, 1929, Assistant Professor J. A.
Thompson, instructor in Spanish, was granted a leave of absence, and did
not return. After a year of service Assistant Professor T. C. Johnson and
Instructor C. G. G. Moss, both of the department of History, resigned,
and were succeeded by Associate Professor C. J. Whelan, and Instructor
C. P. West who was raised to the rank of assistant professor in 1933.
Others who were added to the faculty in these years were: A. L. Aycock,
1928, instructor in English, advanced in rank to assistant professor in
1931; C. A. Seibert, instructor in French, 1929, advanced to rank of
assistant professor in 1934; in September, 1929, J. L. Memory, Jr., who
had been appointed a year before assumed his duties in the department of
Education with the rank of full professor. He had received the degree of
Master of Arts from Columbia University in 1925, and had done further
graduate work in that institution; for the years 1925-29 he was State
Inspector of High Schools. Soon after coming to the College he took
charge of the College news bureau and has been its director since that
time. In this and in several other ways, such as keeping the college in
touch with the high schools and in campaigns for building funds he has
done valuable service for the College. In May, 1928, Mr. R. L.
McMillan, who had been graduated by the College with the B.A. degree
in 1909, and received the M.A. degree in 1910, and in 1917 had received
the LL.B. degree from Columbia University, was elected to a
professorship in the School of Law. He remained only two years when
he returned to the practice of his profession in Raleigh. After the death of
Dr. W. B. Royall, professor of Greek, on January 27, 1928, G. W.
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