Administration of Francis Pendleton Gaines 377
of 1861, and was the last survivor of the little group who reopened the
College to students in January, 1866. At a funeral service in the Wake
Forest Baptist Church on January 29, 1928, addresses were made by
W. L. Poteat, R. T. Vann, J. W. Lynch, W. R. Cullom, J. W. Bailey,
and A. Paul Bagby, pastor of the Church. All of these with a
comprehensive sketch of Dr. Royall's life, and a poem entitled, "The
Torch Bearer," both by G. W. Paschal, and reminiscences by seven
former students, and an editorial notice, and a frontispiece portrait, are
published in a memorial number of the Wake Forest Student, April,
During President Gaines's administration, as before and after,
athletics in the College had problems all its own. Mr. James Baldwin,
who had been director of athletics since 1926 had not been able to
secure the cooperation of some of the leading members of the football
team who had been trained under another coach, though he had shown
himself an excellent master of football, baseball and basketball, and
was a man of good moral character and of good influence on all under
his direction. He resigned in the spring of 1928.
At the meeting of the Board on May 28, 1928, a committee of the
Board consisting of J. M. Broughton, G. E. Lineberry, and D. G.
Brummitt, previously appointed for the purpose of recommending a
successor to Mr. Baldwin as director of athletics, reported,
recommending the appointment of Mr. Stanley G. Cofall, who had
attended Notre Dame University, a Roman Catholic institution, and
for the past three years had coached at Loyola College, Maryland, but
was a member of the Presbyterian church. Mr. Cofall was known to
have the endorsement of President Gaines and was also strongly
approved by the committee: he had a good record as a coach, was a
man of engaging and aggressive personality, and had a record for
exemplary conduct. His total salary was to be $5,000 and a home. As
assistant coaches the Trustees appointed Mr. Frank Miller with a
salary of $2,500, and Mr. Fred Emmerson at a salary of $1,800.
During the
The reminiscences are by J. L. Kesler, A. T. Robertson, J. Clyde Turner, Hubert
A. Royster, D. A. Tedder, E. Y. Webb, R. H.
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