30 History of Wake Forest College
In the publication resumed under Poteat a new series was begun,
the catalogue of 1905-06 being New Series, Vol. I, No. 1, and the
name, slightly changed, is Bulletin of Wake Forest College. The size
of page, inches by inches is the same for the catalogue and the
other three numbers of the year. After the first year the pages are
numbered consecutively for the complete volume, beginning with the
catalogue number. In other respects the new series of the publication
shows marked improvement over the old. The paper and type are the
same for all four numbers. The first number is the catalogue. For the
contents of the remaining three numbers the general plan followed
with little variation during the twenty-two years of President Poteat's
direction was: first, contributed articles, then, departments known as
"Faculty Personals," "Among the Alumni," "Record," and
"Announcements." Among the contributed articles in the July
numbers, the first after the commencements, were the baccalaureate
addresses of the President, and rarely the commencement sermon, the
alumni address, the literary address. In the other numbers practically
all the other contributed articles were by the President and members
of the faculty, and directly concerned the College, its history, its
present tasks, plans for improvement, and sometimes addresses
delivered by members of the faculty and President in their rep-
resentative capacity, or before learned societies. Here were published
also the record of special occasions, such as the inauguration of
President Poteat or the celebration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of
the College, and along with the record the addresses made on these
occasions were also made available for those interested in the history
of the College3
The editorial departments were prepared by President Poteat. In the
"Faculty Personals" all ascertained facts about the members of the
faculty were recorded. If one had bought a lot or built a house, or
visited his mother, married, had a child born to him and named, or
was bereaved of a loved one, an account was
3 It is much to be regretted that the Bulletin was no longer published at the time
of the Centennial Celebration in 1934. Of the many excellent addresses of great
historic interest made on that occasion only those of W. L. Poteat and G. W. Paschal
have been published, and they in the Biblical Recorder.
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