Administration of Francis Pendleton Gaines 381
campaign. Even during the campaign it was learned that this dis-
satisfaction was prevalent among the alumni generally. On May 13,
1929, President Gaines, doubtless reflecting the views of members of
the faculty and other strong friends of the College, offered to the
executive committee of the Board a recommendation that, so soon as
the Centennial Campaign was out of the way, the College launch
among its alumni and friends an anniversary campaign, with a view of
having an adequate plant at the beginning of the second century,
February, 1934; and that the amount sought in this campaign should
be one million dollars to cover the cost of the construction or
improvement of a dozen buildings, which were named. In response
the executive committee voted that the Trustees should ask the Baptist
State Convention "for right of way" for such a campaign.
So much was done officially; unofficially certain of the alumni
were moving in the same direction; they met in Durham on September
24, 1929, and adopted a memorial which they presented to the
meeting of the Trustees in Shelby, in the following November. "In the
light of restrictions actual and implied," they said, and in view of
"handicaps on the College," they were asking the Trustees (not the
Convention) to take such action as might be necessary.
First, to give the College immediately the privilege of receiving gifts in the form
of money, buildings, or equipment from alumni, groups of alumni, or other persons
or organizations, within or without the State, Provided, that gift so received should
be charged against the quota of Wake Forest College in the Centennial Campaign.
The memorial asked further that the plans for the larger campaign
be made, and that the Trustees secure for Wake Forest a larger part,
about forty per cent, of the annual contribution to Christian
The Convention meeting at this time in Shelby, adopted some
resolutions evidently written after a consideration of both the
recommendation of the executive committee and the memorial,
5 Minutes of the Board of Trustees for the dates indicated.
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