Administration of Francis Pendleton Gaines 389
upon him, at the Commencement of 1930, the degree of Doctor of
Laws. The Trustees further expressed their appreciation in resolutions
prepared by T. H. King, G. E. Lineberry, and C. O. Bridger, from
which the following is taken:
Doctor Francis P. Gaines was unanimously elected President of Wake Forest
College, June 25, 1927.... During these three years, Dr. Gaines has won the hearts of
North Carolina Baptists. He has shown himself a wise leader and an able executive
in a difficult time. He is a great scholar, a splendid teacher and an eloquent and able
speaker. His is an affable and amiable and cultural gentleman, and a delightful co-
worker. . . . In the resignation of President Gaines, Wake Forest College, the
Baptists of North Carolina and the entire State suffer a great loss, but our love and
best wishes follow him and we heartily commend him to his new field of labor.
The students of the College soon learned that President Gaines was
their friend, and their hearts warmed towards him. One of the more
observant and able of them, in an article before his resignation
called him "The Ideal College President," and said further:
He is ideal in his executive ability. He knows how to make programs and execute
plans for the spiritual, intellectual and physical betterment of the school. He knows
how to make friends for the College and how to win them over to its support.
He is ideal in his relation to the students. He knows them by name and is
acquainted with their problems. He is a friend to them and is keenly interested in the
welfare of every man on the campus.
He is an ideal speaker.... His Wednesday morning chapel talks are gems of
wisdom and inspiration, lifting the students to higher ideals and nobler living.
He is ideal in his influence. There are many questionable things which would not
be condoned at Wake Forest, simply because of the influence of Dr. Gaines on the
lives and morals of the men.
He is ideal in his Christian life. He is a devoted, sincere, crystalclear Christian
gentleman. He loves the Lord. He wants others to Love Him.... Wake Forest,
glorious in past achievements and noble in present endeavor, looks out across the
coming years with high and holy hopes as she follows the leadership of this
Christian Knight of the Cross.
"W. H. Ford, Biblical Recorder, February 26, 1930.
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