Administration of Francis Pendleton Gaines 391
in the College, both in the regular session and in the summer school.
At the next annual meeting, June 1, 1927, the Board adopted a
resolution authorizing the admission of women for the professional
degrees of Bachelor of Laws and B.A. Medicine, and also for the
Master of Arts degree provided that they had completed academic
work in some other institution. The matter of credits for the
undergraduate degrees (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science)
was referred to the executive committee for consideration in a joint
conference with the executive committee of Meredith College, to
report with recommendations at the next meeting of the Board to be
called in a few weeks. When that joint committee met on June 8, it
promptly adopted the view of the Meredith College members "that
action looking to the giving of women credit towards the B.S. and
B.A. degrees at Wake Forest should be postponed." So much
impressed were the Wake Forest Trustees that at their meeting on
June 25, they passed a resolution that at its next regular meeting in
November the Board should reconsider their action in June making it
possible for women to apply for the M.A. degree at Wake Forest
College, but at the Convention meeting of the Board in Durham, on
November 27, 1927, "notice was read that the Executive Committee
of Meredith College had revoked its request in regard to degrees for
women." Being now free to act the Board reaffirmed its action of June
1, "that women could be admitted to Wake Forest as candidates only
for professional and graduate degrees." In general this remained the
policy and practice of the College for the next dozen years, but an
exception was made for women taking work in the summer school
and for daughters of members of the faculty. In regard to the former
the Trustees at their regular meeting in June, 1930, voted that women
should be allowed to work in residence during the summer school for
a degree, on condition that their admission credits were those of the
regular session and that for a Bachelor's degree "she should have been
in residence not less than four summers, and provided further that all
previous work shall in every way meet the standards set for male
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