392 History of Wake Forest College
students."13 It was represented that the women who would work for
these degrees in summer school were teachers who were engaged in
their teaching during the regular session of colleges for women and
that their admission as candidates for degrees in the summer school
would be of no possible harm to Meredith College, but would enable
those teachers to get at Wake Forest what they were freely offered at
the summer schools of other institutions.
The question of the admission of the daughters of professors in the
College as candidates for the undergraduate degrees came before the
executive committee on September 12, 1930, on the request of a
member of the faculty that his two daughters who had already
completed several years of college work in a college for women be
admitted to Wake Forest and given their degrees on completion of the
work for it. In response the committee voted to admit them
provisionally; any credit for the work done must first be authorized by
the Board. The Board voted its approval at its next meeting,
November, 1930, to admit daughters of members of the faculty to the
third and fourth years of the college work. Taking advantage of this
action three young women, daughters of members of the faculty,
entered as regular students in September, 1930, and were ready for
graduation at the next commencement, but on the advice of the
executive committee of the Board, given in March, 1931, they did not
receive their degrees until the summer school commencement. By
May, 1932, the Trustees had thought better of it, and beginning with
that time have permitted the graduation of women at the regular
commencements as well as in the summer school commencements. In
June, 1940, the Board voted to admit daughters of professors to all
classes without reservation
The executive committee considered that matter on March 13, 1930, and recommended
that women be given the degree after only three summers' work.
The names of the women who have received the degrees of the College, beginning with
the year 1928, by years are as follows:
1928-LL.B.: Ella Margaret Gordon; 1929-M.A.: Mrs. Catherine Nelson; 1930-M.A.:
Gladys H. Sledd. B.S., Med.: Margaret Lineberry; 1931-B.A.:
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