Administration of Francis Pendleton Gaines 393
The pressure of the faculty and the Board to admit other women to
the College has persisted. One class of these is the wives of
ministerial students. It was argued that it was not right to educate a
husband away from his wife. Down through the years it often
happened that a wife of a student would attend the class with her
husband, do the work and take the examination, though no record of
the wife's work was kept by the College. But as early as June, 1933,
the executive committee voted to allow a wife of one of the students,
to take as many as six hours of work in the college classes, and after a
few years the Board voted to allow all wives of students to be
admitted on the same terms as their husbands. Seemingly because of
objection this action was reconsidered at the annual meeting of the
Board in May, 1939, and a committee, consisting of A. Y. Arledge, A.
J. Hutchins, and B. M. Watkins, was appointed to study the question
and report back to the Board, which it seems not to have done. But at
the same meeting the Trustees voted to give women who had met the
entrance requirements credits for the work they had done. In May,
1940, the Trustees, with two dissenting votes, gave to the executive
committee authority to pass on all applications of women, including
those desiring to do preliminary work for admission to the School of
Law and the School of Medicine, and the wives of students. Already
before this time the executive committee had passed on several
individual cases, usually favorably.
Sarah Cullom, Catherine Paschal, Laura Helen Paschal; 1932-M.A.: Laura Helen
Paschal; LL.B.: Annie Perry Neal; 1933-B.A.: Mary Malone Best; Euphemia Bryan;
1934-B.A.: Ruth Paschal, Frances Louise Joyner, Zula Ellen Rogers, Lula Williams;
1936-B.A.: Willie Catherine Godfrey, Alma Lucy Hocutt; LL.B.: Sara Redfern
Greason; 1937-B.A.: Ruth Prichard, Helen Bryan; 1938-B.A.: Beatrice Hill, Mrs.
Emma Lawrence Lewis; 1939-B.A; Mrs. Anna Mae F. Teague; 1940-M.A.: Irma
Ragan; B.A.: Maxine Laurita Middleton, Gwendolyn Doggett, Susan Rebecca
Webb; 1941B.A.: Addle Yow Hayes; 1942-M.A.: Lucy Glenn Gill, Pearle D.
McCormick, Betsy Mary Moore; B.A.: Helen Crutchfield, Mrs. Winifred Nelson
Martin, Adelaide Johnson, Mildred Eugenia Middleton; LL.B.: Catherine Paschal;
1944--M.A.: Mrs. Eunice B. Applewhite, Virginia Parker, Nell Stinson; B.A.: Mary
Paschal, Phyllis McGee Utley, Josephine Holding; B.S.: Mary Frances Cox, Lucy
Hope Lubehenko, Olma Elizabeth Perry, Lois Budd Bradley, Margaret Cooper.
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