Born December 26, 1916 Died September 16, 1940
Director of Music, Wake Forest College, 1939-40
Mr. Pfohl was the son of Bishop and Mrs. Kenneth J. Pfohl, of the
Moravian Church, Winston-Salem. His wife was the former Miss
Adele Arbuckle of Davidson. Though his life was so brief, he had
already given promise of being one of the State's greatest musicians.
And with his great professional ability he had a gentility and
loveliness of character that attracted all who knew him. "In one short
year," says a College publication, "he had won a place in the heart of
every student and faculty member of the College. Brief period though
it was, he created an impression that years and decades cannot remove
from the hearts of those who recognize the traits of the master in the
person of a Christian gentleman."
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