398 History of Wake Forest College
athletics. Both of these were to tax the ingenuity of the Trustees and
faculty for several years.
In June, 1930, however, the chief concern of Trustees, members of
the faculty, students and alumni, was the selection of a president.
Soon after the announcement of the resignation of President Gaines
considerable trouble had been aroused on the Campus by the
circulation and signing of a petition in favor of the election of the
candidate of their choice by some members of faculty and the
students. This unfortunate petition was said to have been prepared by
certain members of the faculty and without the knowledge of the one
in whose favor it was drawn. In every way it was unfortunate, and
produced much ill will and hard feelings, bringing statement and
counter statement by members of the faculty into the newspapers
Since it has been made public and is historic it is mentioned here, but
the writer refuses to discuss it further; those who are interested may
learn something of its nature by consulting the references mentioned
in the footnote.1
Accordingly, it was no sudden decision the Trustees were called to
make. However, they went about the matter with proper deliberation.
Seemingly several weeks before, Mr. E. Y. Webb, president of the
Board, had appointed a committee to recommend a president, which
consisted of J. Clyde Turner, Chairman; A. Y. Arledge, J. M.
Broughton, C. H. Durham and A. D. Ward. At the commencement
meeting of the Trustees this committee had no recommendation and
was asked to make a report at an adjourned meeting on July 2. Once
again the committee was not ready, but reported that "extraneous
circumstances had so complicated the task that this committee was
still not able to present a nomination." However, it was evident by this
time that Dr. Thurman D. Kitchin, dean of the School of Medicine of
the College, was the choice of a majority of the students then at the
College, of the faculty and alumni and of the Board. Immediately
after the report the Trustees went into the election by ballot.
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Biblical Recorder, editorial, July 9, 1930
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