Election of President Kitchin 399
Dr. Kitchin received a majority on the first vote, and then there was
unanimous agreement. President Webb appointed F. P. Hobgood and
Wingate M. Johnson to inform Dr. Kitchin of his election and to
conduct him into the present session of the Board. Thus ended the
formalities of Dr. Kitchin's becoming president of the College. There
was no word of any public inauguration, but the new president quietly
returned to the College and assumed the duties of his office.
Dr. Kitchin comes of the Kitchin family of Scotland Neck, one that
has attained much prominence in the State and nation. His father was
William H. Kitchin; his mother Maria Arrington Kitchin. He was the
eighth child of his parents and the sixth of the eight Kitchin brothers
who were students at Wake Forest College. He entered as a
sophomore in 1902 and was graduated with the Bachelor of Arts
degree in 1905. During his last year he had begun the study of
Medicine, which he continued in 1905-06 at the University of North
Carolina, and in 1906-08 at the Jefferson Medical College of
Philadelphia, from which he was graduated in 1908 with the degree of
Doctor of Medicine. In his examination for license the same year by
the State Board of Medical Examiners of North Carolina he made the
highest average grade of his group. For two years he practiced his
profession in Lumberton from which place he went to his home town
of Scotland Neck and remained for seven years. In 1917 he came to
Wake Forest College; two years later he was appointed dean of the
School of Medicine. He did his work both as teacher and as dean with
marked ability and success, although factional trouble arose in the
faculty of the School of Medicine in 1926 which resulted in the
resignation of one of its members immediately, and of another shortly
afterwards; but since that time the School has enjoyed harmonious
relations among the members of the faculty. He made the school
respected. His ability professionally was recognized and brought him
several honors, one of which was the presidency of the North
Carolina State Medical Association for the year 1928-29. In 1908 he
married Miss Reba Clark, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. H. I. Clark of
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