Election of President Kitchin 401
this account some even among his warmest friends honestly doubted
the wisdom of his election. Others were sure that this was only
accidental and that on becoming president he would assume the place
in denominational leadership which the presidency of Wake Forest
College requires, and events of the past thirteen years since his
assumption of the office have shown that their views were justified.
There was never any question among those who knew Dr. Kitchin
whether at Wake Forest or elsewhere, that he was sound doctrinally
and loyal to the religious beliefs usually held by Baptists, but
knowing that many would welcome reassurance of this, Dr.
Livingston Johnson, editor of the Biblical Recorder, asked him for a
statement of his views, which he promptly gave and which were
published in the paper of July 9, 1930, as follows
For my part I believe that Christ was born of the Virgin Mary, lived and worked
among the people here on earth, that he died for our sins, was buried and was
resurrected, and is now with the Father, and that the only way of salvation is
through Him. I believe it without asking any questions or without asking any
reasons. I believe it just as I believe that my mother is my mother, and my father is
my father. Now then whether the Lord required ten seconds or ten million years to
make the universe doesn't matter to me at all. However it was done, I know that He
did it.
On invitation of the Board Dr. Kitchin came before it immediately
after his election, and made the following statement:
My first word is one of humble appreciation. I am fully conscious of the
responsibilities and difficulties involved. I accept the commission at your hands and
pledge myself unreservedly to the performance of the duties of the office....
Whatever ability I have will be unreservedly dedicated to the cause of Wake Forest.
I subscribe fully to the conception of Wake Forest College as a Christian
institution and as president I shall be ever conscious of the high purpose which the
institution has in the field of education.
While I realize that many things have been said publicly and privately that are
greatly to be deplored, I shall cherish no resent-
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