408 History of Wake Forest College
Association of American Law Schools and changes and improve-
ments to secure admission should be made in its methods of in-
struction, its curriculum, equipment of the library, classrooms, and
offices, and in its instructional staff. At the meeting on June 4, 1930,
the Trustees voted that the standard of the School be raised to meet
the requirements of the Association, and appointed a committee
consisting of Oates, Ward and Foushee, to carry the purpose into
effect. This committee meeting on July 17, found that the School met
the requirements in all respects except the Library, which had only
2,100 volumes of the 7,500 prescribed at that time, to be raised to
10,000 volumes by September 1, 1932. They found that Professor
Gulley yielded only reluctantly to some of the changes, such as that
the entrance requirements for the Summer School of Law should be
the same as those for the regular session, and that the Supreme Court
class be discontinued, but finally all was accomplished and the Wake
Forest College School of Law became a member of the Association of
American Law Schools .3 This was effected in the summer of 1935,
when Dr. Gulley, then 80 years old, resigned the position of dean of
the School and was succeeded by Dr. Dale F. Stansbury; a statement
of it appears in the catalogue of 1935-36, and also the further
statement that the school had been approved by the Council on Legal
Association of the American Bar Association.
It is only fair to say that many able men in the State shared with
Dean Gulley his reluctance to see standards prescribed by the
Association of American Law Schools adopted in the colleges of
North Carolina. Their concern was that in this way worthy young men
might be excluded from the practice of law, that the profession might
become a closed shop, and the fees of lawyers who had gone to the
great expense of getting the prescribed education might be so great
that men of moderate means might not be able to employ counsel to
protect their interests in court
See Records of the Board of Trustees and of the executive committee for July
30, 1930; July 17, 1930; November 12, 1930; January 2, June 3, 1931, March 3,
1933, September 7 and 14, 1933, April 4, 1934, February 22, 1935, May 27, 1935,
August 8, 1935.
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