The President's Office 33
the presidency of that society, and on the 16th of the same month was
elected President of the Anti-Saloon League, following an address he
had made before it on the day before. In the latter of these positions
he continued until 1923, and devoted much time to the promotion of
its purposes. He was also a member of several other such
organizations and of all or nearly all of them he was called at one time
or another to serve as president. All these outside activities took much
of his time, and some of his friends who knew of the benefit his
presence at the College was to the students feared that they were
losing because of his many absences.
President Poteat also encouraged the members of the faculty who
had ability in public speech to accept engagements for addresses, and
some of them almost equaled the president in the number though not
in the variety of their addresses. Among these were Carlyle, Sikes,
Brewer, Highsmith and H. M. Poteat.
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