Faculty and Curriculum Under Kitchin 411
in 1934, and the Mus.M. in 1935, and for the year 1935-36 was on the
faculty of that institution; since September, 1936, he had been
instructor in organ, piano and theory in Davidson College. He has
continued the work so well begun by Director Pfohl with great
acceptance of students, faculty and Trustees. The registrations for his
work in 1941-42 were 114. Beginning with September, 1942, Mr.
McDonald has served the Wake Forest Baptist Church as organist,
and trainer of the church choir. Like Seymour and Pfohl he has
directed the glee club and the
The catalogue of 1937-38 shows that a change had been made in
the department of Physical Education. Before this time the status of
this department had not been definite; four semesters' training in
physical education had been required of candidates for degrees, but
except for a few years in the administration of President Poteat
students were not graded on this work, and found many ways to be
excused from doing it. The director of the gymnasium and the
coaches of the various sports each went their several ways with little
coordination. But in 1938 the department was reorganized and put on
the same basis as the other departments of the College with a head
and associates, the head being James H. Weaver with the rank of full
professor, while Phil M. Utley was director of the gymnasium, with
the rank of associate professor, and the various coaches were given
the rank of assistant professor. Of the work in this department, one
year, two semester hours, is prescribed for degrees and for admission
to the schools of Law and Medicine, and two other semester hours
may be used to make up the 124 semester hours required for the
degrees of bachelor of arts and bachelor of science. After the opening
of the war in December, 1941, the
1 The first trainer of the Glee Club was Professor Darius Batman, 19031907;
others besides Seymour, Pfohl and McDonald, who have served as directors are: J.
Henry Highsmith, 1907-12; Hubert M. Poteat, 1912-23; L. H. Conn, 1923-25; C. J.
Whelan, 1925-27; K. T. Raynor, 1927-29 and 1931-33; Charles Troxell, 1929-30;
W. A. Potter, 1930-31; H. A. Dowling, 1934-36; Frederic S. Smith, 1940-41. In
1927 Professor Nevill Isbell organized the Wake Forest band, and was its director
until the organization of the department of Music in the College in 1937.
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